Biblioteca Comunitária São Francisco

São Paulo | SP , 2012 (projeto)

The design is part of a larger project, Sao Francisco Global, the urban planning of 1.8 million m2 in an impoverished area of the city of Sao Paulo. Among other things, the Master Plan for the area establishes key locations for the construction of new public equipment as means of fostering better community and cultural life. The new community center and library is one of these equipments.


The new building substitutes an existing one story structure, already condemned for public use. Adding to the existing program, the new building will encompass a library, classrooms and a community multi-use room, which was demanded by local residents in the preparatory community meetings.

The new volume was located at the North edge of the existing plaza, liberating space for the construction of a multi-use sports field, Taking advantage of the topography, the library was suspended on pillotis, so as to create a protected open space for recreational use at the lower level. This also facilitates ADA access.

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